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An Envoy to the Open Fields

“You should do "Hey now, no using me / hey now, no use in me" from An Envoy to the Open Fields!”

Working on it! :)

“Hello, Indonesian. I bet you are.”

Nop! :) Sorry, I’m Mexican. But all my love and respect for the Indonesian Frengers… hello!

In the darkest flight of my career
I am made blue all through
On my dark descend I persevere
I am thinking of you
It’s a nice way, I think
To wake up with you
A nice way
I’m separated from you

The beating of our hearts is in your hands.

The beating of our hearts is in your hands.

MEW | Mica (Live 2001)

When even your bad luck runs out
Not to wallow in self-pitying pathetic dreams
You know what I mean

Making Friends I

To the greatest among the greatest, to the most virtuous among the most virtuous, to the bravest among the bravest… HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BO!!

Do I Really Deserve You?
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