Mew || Start

They are useless hiccup cures
All except that trick of yours
No one to leave the light on
To help you choose the right song
I try do right, but it’s wrong
Nothing feels right with you gone
Over hedges high
Climbs a smiling spy
Who now will shift your shoelace?
And wipe the crumbs off your face?
No one should get what you got
Nothing should end where you start

Chinaberry Tree (Red version)

In parallel sea what would I be?
My first love said to me:
“Tears out for the world to see”
I would not be
I did not see the chinaberry tree
Tears out, it would feel so
Heavenly, heavenly, heavenly
Hard now to picture a me
Without a you

“Don’t interfere”
Part of her back was frozen
For the remainder of the war
“Don’t be concerned”
But I never learned how not to be
As my first love said to me:
“I don’t care. I’m not there”
So that I could not sleep
My whole being was falling apart
So that I soon cried out:
“Dear friends, hold me!”

We lost the plot
We plumb forgot
For all those tasking hours that stopped
(Quick is the passing daylight)
When your day is wrong
And it speaks to you
We know you’re after some kind of truth
(What is the reason truly?)
We know you
And it’s true, San Marie
We helped you get to be

Drown, drown
While our entire race
Collide Norway so light
Bent up, slide them down
Love slides lie sleeping
Drown, drown
Shine some light on me
Drown, drown
This time you will make them see
Some witch called
Is it you?
I know: love your lady
Drown, drown
You can drown, drown, drown

Johan Returns! Winter Tour Announced…


We are pleased to announce that Johan has rejoined Jonas, Bo and Silas to reform Mew’s original line up, making his first new appearance with the band on stage at Northside Festival on Saturday.

Mew will be embarking on a tour of Scandinavia in November, where you can expect to hear old favourites as well as be the first to hear new material from the upcoming new album expected in 2015.

Tickets on sale from 19th June at